Lime Direct™ API & FIX Gateway

Low latency technology for quants and systematic traders
0 outages
Executed in one day
~200 million shares
Lime by the Numbers
Q3 Quadwich Execution Volume*
Shares executed last 1 Minute
*Source: Internal
Trade in speeds measured in micro seconds wire-to-wire

Lime Direct™ Connect allows you to
Python, Java, JS, C#, C++
Access equities (via Lit Exchanges & Dark Pools) and options with a normalized API library + FIX 4.2
Route to 21 Lit and Dark venues directly or through Lime Smart Order Routing
Stream market data via websockets or thru Lime Citrius
Arista 7150 350 nanosecond switches
SEC 15c3 compliant pre-trade risk checks in microseconds
Utilize an OCC TIMS based portfolio margin for up to 6:1 leverage
Utilize Reg T margin for Day Trading leverage up to 4:1
Trade execution in speeds measured in milliseconds
Code up to spec in your language of choice
Order Routing
Market Data
In-Line 15c3
Portfolio Margin
Reg T Margin
Secure hosting & colocation at major data centers
No internalization or proprietary trading
Customized algo and smart order routers to optimize your fill rate
Market-neutral execution delivery for privacy
The Lime Direct Advantage
Timing is everything. That's why Lime's pre-trade risk check take single-digit microseconds
Risk checks
Risk Parameter
Smart Order Router Powered by Lime™
Providing serial or parallel access so traders can reach multiple markets, fast execution, customizable settings, and execution reporting.
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