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Welcome to The Limex App

Coming Q1 2023

What is the Limex App?

It's a comprehensive, AI-driven app that allows you to manage your portfolio, track your investments, and make informed decisions on the go. Our real-market data, smart bundles, and customizable feed puts all the information you need right at your fingertips.
Streamlined Investing Process
Our tools will help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and make informed decisions about your financial future.
Extensive Marketing Data & Analysis
Our tools allow you to allowing you to quickly and easily track your portfolio, research potential investments, and make trades without having to juggle multiple platforms or pay exorbitant fees.

Limex App Features

Help Us Get to Know You Better
Answer a brief questionnaire about your level of experience with alternative investments. This helps us accurately assess your risk tolerance and recommend bundles personalized just for you!
Why Bundles?
Bundles are an assortment of content and products that we believe would be the best match for your financial profile based on your experience with investing and risk tolerance. We help you save time and diversify your portfolio by making it easy to monitor bundles through our app.
Limex feed
Stay Up to Date
Remain on top of the latest news, trends, and investment advice with our regularly updated content feed. As you express interest in different themes, the content will be more tailored to you. The more you use the app, the more personalized your recommendations will become.
Keep Up With Your Favorites
Use our watchlist feature to stay current with what you like. Your favorite securities remain continuously updated and are located at the front of your feed for easy access.
Plaid integration
Seamless Plaid Integration
Limex App has partnered with Plaid to make sure you have a seamless experience when connecting your brokerage account to the app, regardless of the broker. Any financial accounts you are connected to on Plaid can also be connected to the Limex App.
Account overview
One-Stop Shop
The Limex App connects all of your Limex accounts and products so you can easily access any necessary information in one place. Any new products can also be connected here in the future.
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What is Limex?
We are an established fintech firm that has served large hedge funds for over 20 years. Developed on the foundation of technology, Limex continues to invent new ways to empower traders & investors to level up their game.
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